All of the sheet music for sale on my site will have a text box at the top of its product page providing some essential information about the work. I have taken the liberty of giving each work a “difficulty” rating. I will say right now that at this moment in my life, I haven’t given myself a strict set of criteria by which I determine a piece’s difficulty. Roughly, my considerations are technical difficulty, ranges, complexity, and length. With that, my works can be set within these five general categories:

Difficulty Rating Chart
Difficulty Rating:Description:
1Beginner. These will generally be method books, simple etudes, solos, or ensemble works specifically written for an elementary/middle school group. They are suitable for anyone just starting into the world of music.
2Easy. These will be pieces written for a beginning-level music student, moderate-level middle school group or lower-level high school group.
3Moderate. These will be pieces written for an intermediate-level music student, an advanced middle school group, a moderate-level high school group, or a low-level university group.
4Difficult. These will be pieces written for an advanced music student, an advanced high-school ensemble, or a moderate-level university group. These would not be suitable for beginners/beginning-level ensembles!
5Very Difficult. These are reserved for only the highest-level performers or performing groups: established college groups or professional groups/musicians. The brave-hearted and sure-footed.