Natek Music @ Midwest Clinic 2015

I’d say all in all that our 2nd year at the annual Midwest Clinic in Chicago was a success. We had a lot of interest in the music, good sales, and a lot of very cool people swung by the booth to show their love for Natek Music. Check it out:



Ithaca College Concert – April 29th, 2015

I was invited to Ithaca College as a guest artist & clinician at the end of April, 2015. I had the pleasure of working with the trombone studio & playing a concert with the very talented students of the Ithaca College Jazz Band. This is an excerpt of me conducting & soloing with the group on my big band original, “Gaea”. I apologize for the poor video quality – I had to record it off of the full feed using Quicktime. Please feel free to sign up & leave a comment!


Well, it would appear that the Nate Kimball Orchestra received a massive blow to the ego today. The Aaron Copland Foundation sent me a letter saying that the recording grant I had applied for was not accepted. I guess my “Gaea” project just wasn’t of the quality that a panel of esteemed composers would find suitable for such a coveted grant. Maybe next time I’ll hire Dawn Upshaw to sing Sprechstimme over Namaste, or better yet, I’ll just record myself defecating into a porcelain bowl and draw a weak comparison to World War II. That will probably have a better chance of piquing their interest.

And here I am trying to write palatable music. What was I thinking?


Nate Kimball Orchestra @ Artemus Ham Hall

The release of Gaea in concert was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out! If you haven’t gotten your copy of  Gaea yet, what are you waiting for? Here are some of the highlights from the concert (video to come soon):

Being a Guest Artist at Ithaca College

I was recently invited out to Ithaca College, courtesy of trombonist extraordinaire Hal Reynolds and jazz director Mike Titlebaum. Admittedly, this was my first experience as a guest artist, and traveling to an east-coast school of such renown left me feeling…intimidated. Nonetheless, the reception was warm, and I soon realized that Hal & Mike are two of the coolest guys I’ve ever met. We shared experiences, beers, light-hearted banter, ridiculous musician stories, deep life talks, and of course, beers.

The students at Ithaca impressed me greatly. When I audited their trombone rep class, I immediately sensed that Ithaca is a place of humility – the older students were tremendously supportive of the less-experienced students, the feedback was mature and thoughtful, and egos were nowhere to be found. The young players were deeply immersed in their studies, and it was clear that both Hal & Mike had done exceptional work teaching them the fundamentals of being a great musician. It definitely inspired me to reconsider how I approach teaching.

The night of the jazz ensemble performance went exceptionally well. The students really brought it all to the performance, and the vibes were great.